Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Halloween!

The happy trick-or-treaters. Sadie was pumped for Halloween this year! Mason is Dopey, in case it isn't obvious. I sewed the touque and jacket for him the day of the Ward party.

This pumpkin was about as big as Mason. We were major procrastinators and got this pumpkin on Halloween, and were carving right until we had kids at the door!

Our offerings -- mine is the sinister face on the left, Ryan did the Oogey Boogey Man, and Sadie colored hers.

Product placement. Willy Wonka is cutting the check right now.

Digging through the spoils

The kids gorging themselves on candy. Mason picked up the meaning of the holiday fast.

Mmm, wrapper.

It was absolutely beautiful for Halloween night, but snowed the next day. It was such wet, sticky snow, that every step Sadie took caked on to her boots, and made snow platform boots. She thought it was riotous.

Our little snow family, that was gone later that day. The snow didn't stay long.

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